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Who We Are

We are a landscaping company with big and innovative ideas on how to make your outside space as welcoming and comfortable as possible for your whole family.

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Positive Philosophy

We work in accordance with business ethics and bioethics, which is an essential part of the positive philosophy we use towards your garden design and maintenance. We foster it on the basic principles of community and empathy. Therefore, we are grateful that we have an opportunity to lend a hand in creating a friendly environment and emotional competence development.

We are a positive company with a number of goals and innovative ideas, providing solutions to improve your nearby natural landscape. We aim to help you in making positive decisions to promote your family’s well-being and create a friendly environment where you can relax and enjoy this day – thinking about tomorrow.

We believe that a garden should not be a separate space from your house, but an extension of your comfort zone which brings nature closer to your home. Your comfort zone depends on how much attention you provide to the area and that’s is why our services are always performed by skilled and qualified team members. Our positive attitude and philosophy to re-use as many materials as possible not only brings the cost down for you but also cares for the environment.


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“People with access to nearby natural settings have been found to be healthier overall than other individuals. The longer-term, indirect impacts (of “nearby nature”) also include increased levels of satisfaction with one’s home, one’s job and with life in general.”

[Kaplan and Kaplan, 1989 (p. 173)]

Positive Garden Landscaping Services

We will make suggestions based on your lifestyle, your colour preferences and current or future house layout, and can also create a detailed design plan for garden landscaping to suit your needs and improve your well-being.

Our positive attitude and philosophy to re-use as many materials as possible not only brings the costs down for you but saves and cares for the environment. Positive.

Garden Design

Positive Garden landscape design We will guide you through all possible outcomes of your initial ideas and provide the required expertise to help you choose the way your home will blossom. To provide the best garden landscaping services in London, we only work with like-minded professional garden designers, who join your ideas, our philosophy and insights, together with their expertise to create designs that will be welcoming for your whole family and future generations.


LandscapingOur garden landscaping team positively overcomes even the most difficult situations to successfully bring your garden design to life. Eye for a detail and craftsmanship leads us to be proud of our work. We can make suggestions based on your lifestyle, colour preferences, current or future house layout, and help you to improve your well-being.

Grounds Maintenance

garden maintenanceEvery garden should be at its best all of the time that is why we take care from the smallest front gardens to the complex communal grounds with the same professional attitude. We are trusted to maintain prestigious communal grounds, property development projects, courtyards, gardens in conservation areas etc. We offer very competitive rates. Our online schedule calendar with direct commenting and notification system is available for all our customers..

Natural swimming pools

swimming-poolsWe provide a complete planning, construction and aftercare service and can tailor every aspect of the design to your personal preferences.


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We believe that a garden should not be a separate space from your house, but an extension of your comfort zone which brings nature closer to your home

We are company with big and innovative ideas on how to make outside space as welcoming and comfortable as possible to your whole family

Monthly Garden Maintenance

Things to do in your garden this month

Garden planting


  • Planting out hardy seedlings (in mild weather) and other plants which require moving
  • Draining and replacing about three ­quarters of water in your pond
  • Weeding and digging ­over
  • Pruning old hedges, fruit trees or bushes
  • Preparing seedbeds for a herb garden and sowing as soon as possible

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  • Planting trees, shrubs, roses, strawberries and perennials
  • Fertilising and watering containerised plants
  • Deadheading tulips, narcissus, and hyacinths
  • Checking for aphids, spider mites, etc. Spraying them
  • Spraying azaleas, pyracantha, rhododendron and pieris to combat lace bugs
  • Fertilising bulbs
  • Planting hardier annuals


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  • Pruning early flowering shrubs (after blooming and fertilising)
  • Fertilising and spraying roses for insects and diseases
  • Planting summer blooming bulbs
  • Mulching flower beds, shrubs, and trees with a fresh cover
  • Watering plants several times a week
  • Tilling and adding rich soil and compost. Preparing beds for annuals

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Garden maintenance


  • Pulling the abundant weeds
  • Pruning evergreens
  • Deadheading blooming plants to provoke new blooms
  • Using traps and repellent – Japanese beetles begin to emerge
  • Keeping fertiliser on all flowers
  • Taking care of watering in confined and open areas
  • Beware of insects, such as ants, ticks, fleas, etc.

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  • Watering plants early in the morning
  • Extending rose spray and eliminating any faded blooms
  • Fertilizing bedding plants
  • Spreading superphosphates around the base of acid-loving plants

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Summer garden


  • Weeding and digging your summer garden
  • Planting out perennial seedlings in nursery beds
  • Lifting bulbs
  • Cutting the roots of shrubs
  • Watering daily containers
  • Adding fresh water from a hose to pond in order to keep it aerated

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Garden maintenance


  • Applying scatter wood ash or sulphate of potash on rose beds
  • Trimming herbaceous plants
  • Fading annuals and planting biennials
  • Planting out spring flowering bulbs
  • Planting evergreen shrubs
  • Watering garden during the dry lapse

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October garden care


  • Planting herbaceous perennials
  • Removing annuals and planting out biennials, perennials raised from seed
  • Thinning out dense patches of water plants in the pond. Cleaning up litter and leaves
  • Planting out winter and hardy spring vegetables
  • Spraying cherries, peaches, and nectarines
  • Sprinkling bone­meal over planting beds

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November garden


  • Mowing the lawn, leaving it longer than in summer
  • Planting tulip bulbs and roses
  • Planting dahlias, cannas and begonia tubers in flower beds
  • Pruning deciduous trees, shrubs, and hedges
  • Protecting plants from wind damage
  • Removing infected leaves


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Gardening in December


  • Digging over the beds reserved for next year annuals
  • Protecting trees and shrubs from harsh weather
  • Protecting dormant bulbous, autumn plants
  • Removing irrigation timers
  • Shaking off heavy falls of snow from hedges, shrubs, and trees
  • Building bird nesting boxes


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