Monthly garden maintenance





  • Cut back faded herbaceous perennials 
  • Clear weeds from  flower beds in December
  • Lift and divide herbaceous perennials in dry weather
  • Take root cuttings. Sow alpines from seed
  • Tidy-up fallen leaves from borders to the compost heap. It  can be used as a soil improver
  • Remove weeds, debris from tubs and containers. Add a layer of decorative grit mulch
  • Raise pots onto ‘pot feet’ or bricks
  • Improve the drainage of heavy clay soils
  • Cover large tubs  with bubblewrap
  • Bring tender plants into the greenhouse


Trees, Shrubs and Hedges


  • Prune and renovate deciduous trees, shrubs
  • Check tree ties and stakes
  • Tie wall shrubs and climbers onto their supports
  • December – time to prune acers and betula
  • Cut hardwood from ornamental shrubs: Berberis, Buddleja and Forsythia
  • Spray winter wash on roses and the surrounding soil
  • Plant bare-root deciduous hedging plants and trees, roses
  • Move established deciduous trees and shrubs


Greenhouse and House Plants


  • Water and feed flowers regularly. Bring back amaryllis into active growth
  • Keep cacti barely moist until the spring
  • Keep hyacinths in a cool, bright place
  • Water azaleas with rainwater
  • Place poinsettias in a warm, draught-free room
  • Clear leaves and twigs from greenhouse and shed gutters
Other gardening tips


Lawn Care


  • Trim the lawn. Leave it longer than in summer
  • Rake fallen leaves
  • Re-cut the lawn edges
  • Watch for signs of waterlogging and measure it with aeration or scarifying if necessary
  • Avoid walking on lawns in frosty mornings
  • Lay stepping stones


Pond care


  • Net ponds 
  • Repair any leaks
  • Remove fallen leaves
  • Remove ice from pond If necessary. Avoid ice cracking

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  • Ensure that standpipes and irrigation lines are drained to avoid freezing damage
  • Put lagging around outdoor taps
  • Install garden lighting, water pipes, and drainage
  • Treat wooden structures with preservative
  • Remove algae from plants
  • Lay stepping stones
  • Pressure wash paths

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