Natural Filtration Swimming Pool

How We Did It

Natural filtration swimming pool execution including ground works, drainage installation, bespoke York stone coping, fitting and bullnosing.

Designed by Philippa O’Brien Garden Design in conjunction with Tim Gunnings of Mountain Pools.


natural-filtration-swimming-pool-1 Pipes for collecting naturally filtered water being installed throughout filtration area in the middle of gravel (filter)

natural-filtration-swimming-pool-2 Pipes being covered with shingle. 100 tonnes have been used for this project

natural-filtration-swimming-pool-3 Gravel being spread evenly to form required shape of the filtration pond

natural-filtration-swimming-pool-7 Coping stone (York stone) has been cut on site to precisely match the form of the swimming pool

natural-filtration-swimming-pool-4 natural-filtration-swimming-pool-5 natural-filtration-swimming-pool-6 natural-filtration-swimming-pool-8 natural-filtration-swimming-pool-9

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